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Cent’ Anni!

Well, here I am, officially fifty! That’s definitely a first for me. So far, so good. I like to think I don’t look two days over forty-nine (if you count it from the 364th day of my forty-ninth year). And it’s also my mother’s seventieth birthday — I was the birthday present she was most relieved to see on January 20, 1958, in Lincoln, Nebraska (more on that Big Red blood flowing in my veins in a future post!).

I commemorated the day with nineteen members of my extended Austin family crammed around the Pope’s Table at Bucca di Beppo. I was Continue reading ‘Cent’ Anni!’


It’s a Most Unusual Day

cyndle-birthday-no-1-001.jpgI’m a believer in signs, and what could more auspicious than this: I’m about to celebrate my fiftieth birthday tomorrow, and not only have I been perpetually perched on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius (I like to say I’m a Capriquarian or Aquaricorn, depending on which sign seems more dominant at the moment ― translation: I go both ways!), but I’m on a cusp of another sort this weekend. Today, Saturday, is either the last day of my first half-century (in this lifetime, anyway!) or the day before my second half-century. My intention for today is to have a gentle, introspective day of contemplation and release so that I can open up to a new, broader more me ME starting tomorrow!

All signs point to a blossoming and powerful year for me, and I am more than ready. It all ties in with my intention for the year: I am allowing and available to Spirit so that I can be fully who I came here to be.

After seeing my therapist for a rejuvenating clearing session, I treated myself to lunch at Mandola’s (frequently referred to as my “other office”), and as I started writing, I had to laugh at my accidental soundtrack: “It’s a Most Unusual Day” — apropos, no?

In between bites of the hearty minestra di farro and parmesan-crusted melanzane dipped in a basil aioli, I jotted down my releases (well, I wasn’t talkin’ records, but it did end up reading like a not-so-greatest hits compilation!). Then I listed what I want to bring into my life this year while downing an entire Napoleon all by myself (hey, it’s my birthday weekend!). And as I was finishing that, a later installment of my soundtrack started up: “Love Came Just in Time”! Yeehaw! Bring it ON!

tdog-patsy-on-sofa-001.jpgList complete, I went home and cuddled with ThunderDog (left), Patsy Clementine (right), and Dini (not pictured; she was probably behind the sofa!) as I watched back-to-back Jane Austen movies, Pride and Prejudice with Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier followed by the new Masterpiece Theatre version of Persuasion. A sweet ending to the first fifty, I must say!


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