#1: Cruisin’ With Carol (Day 2: Fun Day at Sea)

Our first Fun Day at Sea gave me a chance to explore the ship and get in the sea groove. The ship was so huge that my water phobia was under control, even when I went to the upper deck’s jogging track to get in my 11 laps (one my mile). I loved the spectacular views of the water, water everywhere (okay, maybe I’m not the water wienie I claim to be!). Wind gusts tried to pop off my hat every time I made a certain turn, and I occasionally had to docruisers-with-roses-small.jpgdge errant golf balls from the mini-golf course in the mid- dle of the track, but I got the job done. Duty called for Carol bright and early; she did photos with listeners and then helped host the KFDI Deck Olympics. The highlight had to be the quarter drop contest, in which contestants had to use their lower cheeks to drop quarters into a cup!
After lunch, Carol and I went back up to the track deck to lounge and read in relative quiet, until it got too chilly. The Suite Bunch caught up with us there, after missing out on the finals of the slots tournament. Just as James was recounting their latest schtick rather loudly, “… and then I said, ‘Angie used to be a MAN!,” a sedate group of older walkers came by and almost tripped as he said. We skeddadled out and I went for a nap. From my upper bunk, I had the visual equivalent of meditation tape, a relaxing, hypnotic view of nothing but waves. Put me right to sleep!

Formal wear was required for dinner that evening, and Bo from Oklahoma gave each of us a white rose. After dinner, the band did a soundcheck, which ended up being rather complicated, because apparently the sound capabilities weren’t quite what had been expected). Then it was more Society Bar fun till rather late (and yes, we had to stop and take pictures –– that’s Timmy and Joel with Carol and Lynn and me!).

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