#1: Cruisin’ With Carol (Part 3: Cruise Rules)

One thing we did come up with throughout the trip were our Cruise Rules:

  1. Always take the stairs instead of elevators (Carol instigated this rule on earlier cruises, and with all of the various decks, this rule probably kept me from taking evidence of Rule #6, below, home with me!).
  2. What Not to Wear: Anything with letters across the tush, no matter what age (inspired by a flimsy jogging suit with rhinestone letters across hips that were definitely too wide).
  3. No braids: Oh, sure, every shop in Cozumel offers Bo Derek-in-Ten braids and beads. But come on –– no one who got braided looks anything like Bo Derek.
  4. Cell phones need to be worked out before arriving in Mexico!
  5. Sign & sail cards will almost always have some type of problem at some point.
  6. Dessert is mandatory!
  7. Stop at every photo opportunity and POSE! (rule courtesy of the Suite Bunch).
  8. T-shirts bought in Cozumel should stay behind on the ship, especially those that have anything to do with certain parts of the male/female anatomy.

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