The Great Debate

As the site of the Hillarack/Barackillary Debate on Feb. 21, Austin (well, except for a few of those Rs) was all atwitter over the event. You’d think we had never had any presidential candidates (or presidents) pass through our fair city! Only 100 tickets were available to the public, and 43,000 people entered the drawing for them! The highlight of my day was the voicemail from Chelsea Clinton asking me to come to join her for a rally supporting her mom at Austin Community College.

I watched the debate from home with a couple of friends, the first one I’d watched from start to finish. Hillary scored big on specific answers and probably won it. Barack kept pace, though he was struggling a bit with a cold (welcome to Austin, big guy!). But what did the stupid media (my chosen profession, sigh!) start carrying on about, immediately following? The Xerox remark. Sure, that bombed, but it wasn’t exactly the most memorable or significant part of the debate. The fact that the two of them are so similar is reassuring. I love Hillary’s wonkiness — I want a wonk back in the White House! But Barack has struck that emotional chord, and I like that too. I’ve decided how I’ll vote on March 4, but no matter what happens, I’ll be delighted with whoever gets the nomination. And as Hillary (and John Edwards) says, we’ll be fine.

It’s so exciting that Texas is in play! After keeping up with the Iowa caucuses through my sister Cathy (an Edwards delegate), it’s great fun to have that buzz down here! All over the state, early voting is off the charts already!

I didn’t get to the Obama rally last night, but I’m hoping I’ll have a chance to see him and/or Hillary before the big day rolls around. I find it rather fitting that the state that incubated W is now playing a pivotal role in naming his Democratic successor (how’s that for positive thinking?!). Could it be that Texas is turning purple?!?!

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