March Madness: The First Round

March Madness is here, at last! I love the first four days of the tournament, especially when Kansas keeps winning (Sweet 16, here we come!) and when I don’t have to juggle basketball with South by Southwest. So here are some observations on Round 1:

Best Future NBA Name: Joevan Catron, Oregon

Out-There Uniforms: Oregon and Marquette (tie)

God Was on Their Side: Siena Saints

Missed It by That Much: Belmont

My Favorite Upset: San Diego vs. UConn

Best Dred Head: Raymond Sykes, Clemson

Ad That I’ll Be Sick of by Round 2: UPS Whiteboard (what’s up with that guy’s HAIR?!)

Worst Network: CBS (don’t get me started!)

All Cute Team Nominees (so far):

  • Brandon Rush, Kansas
  • Connor Atchley, Texas
  • Joe Alexander, West Virginia
  • Curtis Terry, UNLV
  • Bench: Connor Teahan, Kansas
  • Coach: Jay Wright, Villanova
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