#14: My First Summer Writing Academy

The Writers’ League Summer Academy surpassed my expectations! I sat in on all four classes and was quite jazzed by them. Now I want to stick around longer, rather than head back on Tuesday!

After the orientation last night, I had dinner with instructors Karleen Koen, Clay Reynolds, Suzy Spencer, and Scott Wiggerman at my surprise find, Trattoria Cafe, next to the McDonald’s by the university. Food and conversation were all quite enjoyable.

The dorm, however … Note to self: For next year, make sure all instructors and visiting E.D.s are housed off-campus at a hotel! Oh, well, it’s so darn cheap, I can tough it out for two nights!

The students all seem to be into the classes, even on Day One. A good sign! The campus is just perfect for our writing academy, and even though we all wondered if Alpine is too far out of the way to attract serious writers, it’s a great setting. There are not a whole lot of distractions, the weather is great (hot during the day, coolish in the evenings), and Alpine is just so manageable!

I dined at a great Mexican joint today, right across from Front Street Books. I love that store –– it’s much more my kind of bookstore than the one in Marfa! I bought a copy of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight, just to see what all of the fuss is about. I zipped through a good third of it before bed!

Clay and I had dinner at the Edelweiss, and he filled me on early WLT (he helped found the League back in the day) and gossip about the Texas Institute of Letters. I don’t know what happened to the rest of gang –– I’d left messages, but cell phones are rather spotty out here. I learned that the hard way, when I got back to the hotel and recharged my phone only to discover at 11 p.m. messages from Suzy, Karleen, and Scott!

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