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He Had Me at “ENOUGH!”

About time somebody shouted that word. THANK YOU, BARACK OBAMA! What an amazing, magnificent, stunning, memorable — those adjectives all sound so lame. I was mesmerized and got those history-in-the-making goosebumps several times. In fact, it’s a couple of hours later, and I’m still reeling from it. I’m definitely going to watch it again.

I’m just floored by this. Speechless. Inspired. Awed.

Al Is Still My President

OMG — Al was amazing tonight. Why oh why isn’t tonight his presidential swan song?

Enough About the Friggin’ Columns Already!

What’s the deal with all the fussing over the columns? Brokaw and Chuck Todd just had this bizarro preening exchange, trying to justify why they keep carrying on about the columns. But what about this?

Is that a pillar, or is he just happy to see Cheney? Or what about this cute understated set, finished off with a GOP elephant?

There’s more here. My guess is that He of Too Many Houses is just jealous that Barack’s pillars are bigger than his.

So just SHUT IT!

P.S. It just occurred to me that I have entirely too many photos of W in my photo folders — Yikes!

What the …????

  • I’m kind of with the pundits: Why are the Dems NOT firing at Darth Cheney and SauROVEn? Go after those bozos! Wait, John Kerry did — he dared to invoke “Guantanamo” and “torture.” Oh yeah, and the McCain-ROVE” ticket — you GO, John!
  • What Joe Biden speech was MSNBC’s Chuck Todd watching? After Tweety and Keith O raved about how emotional Biden was, Todd comes on and starts pooh-poohing it as unemotional. Whaaa?
  • How come no one has applied the term “flip-flopper” to He of Too Many Houses? Kerry ran through a litany of those in his brilliant “Senator McCain vs. Candidate McCain” riff. Looks like a flip-flopper, smells like a flip-flopper, just call him a flip-flopper!

The Barry & Joe Show

And now for tonight’s speechifying:

Big Bill: I’ll have to watch the replay — I was heading home from work when he took the stage, so I heard him on NPR then rushed into the house and tried to listen over barking hungry dogs. Not exactly conducive to concentration. I think he hit it, although it wasn’t one for the ages like Hillary’s. But he remains the presidential Elvis!

John Kerry: This might have been the speech of the evening. I stumbled on it when I moved from MSNBC to CSPAN and whoa, the real president (I still think he won in 2004) was slapping around He of Too Many Houses. Of course, what was going on while Kerry was delivering the “red meat” the talking heads keep bemoaning the lack thereof? Well, NBC was busy with America’s Got Talent, ABC had Supernanny making kids behave, and CBS — most appropriately — had Criminal Minds going (yeah, and we know where they live — Mordor, I mean, DC!). STOP READING NOW AND WATCH THIS SPEECH. DO NOT PASS GO!

Bo Biden: The kid can TALK! What a great introduction.

Joe Biden: An interesting mix of muted musings (was I wrong in thinking a complete hush repeatedly descended on the hall?) combined with some Joe fire. Anyone who can go from stillness to power — ah, Joe, you delivered! Loved the line about Darth Cheney and pointing out how wrong HOTMH has been, over and over.

The Big Moment: Yes, MSNBC gave it away (Ken, bad boy!), but it sure was groovy when Barry walked out and hollered, “Hello, Democrats!” and joined the Biden clan. Then when “The Rising” piped up, I was dancin’ and groovin’, shoutin’ “I’m READY!” Good thing the neighbors can’t look into my living room! And I love that Barry referred to Invesco as Mile High Stadium!

Hillary’s Home Run!

9:21 p.m.: Ah, the anticipation! History in the air! It’s so fitting that Hillary is giving her big speech on the 88th anniversary of the 19th Amendment. Ooooh, there’s Bill! Just a few minutes ago, I startled myself by actually agreeing with Pat Buchanan, who took Mark Warner to task for not lighting into McCain/Bush/Cheney to rally the Dems. What is the world coming to when I agree with Pat Buchanan!

9:24 p.m.: The camera loves Bill — who cares who’s speaking or being interviewed by Andrea Mitchell? Let’s keep that camera on Bill.

9:28 p.m.: Maybe I need to go back and listen to Bob Casey’s speech again — he’s actually dissing McCain to Andrea Mitchell after all! Somebody’s got cajones after all!

9:43 p.m.: The ovation goes on and on! Did Bill just say, “I love you,” as he got all teary-eyed?!

9:45 p.m.: Way to open, Hillary! She’s going to do it, I just know it! Why didn’t they put her on Monday night to open this whole thing up? Love that “We’re on the same team and can’t afford to sit on the sidelines.”

9:48 p.m.: “No way, no how, no McCain” — she shoots, she SCORES!

9:51 p.m. “My sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits.”

9:56 p.m.: “Were you in it…” powerful.

9:59 p.m.: “We did it before with President Clinton and the Democrats, and we’ll do it again with President Obama and the Democrats.”

10:01 p.m.: Here it comes: “We don’t need four more years of the last eight years.” You go, Hill! Sic him, Hill!

10:03 p.m.: Off the wall with the “Twin Cities” remark!

10:05 p.m.: Oh, the Harriet Tubman quote is priceless. “if you hear the dogs, keep going!” Keep going! I so wish I were there in Denver!

10:07 p.m.: What a masterpiece! Ken O just called it: “a grand slam out of the ballpark across the street”! Amen, brother!

Thunder & Patsy Give It Two Tails Up!

ThunderDog and Patsy Clementine just LOVE the “Rescue Dog Rock” video from their online Maltese pals Lulu and Lolly (left). They’re about to join the L&L DLog and invite other dogbloggers to join them! Proceeds from anything bought at the L&L site will go to support Animal Rescue of New Orleans, a group that’s still working to reunite animals and families after Hurricane Katrina.

Foreign Affairs, Perhaps?

Okay, join in on the fun on this one! The Houston Chronicle‘s “Texas on the Potomac” blog wants YOU to come up with a caption for this photo of someone else’s president in action with beach volleyball’s Golden Girls Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh.

You just can’t make this stuff up, kids!

My Olympics Wrapup

Now that my sleep cycles are all askew, it’s time to post my Olympics highlights:

  • Best Tearjerker Moments: It’s a tossup between the Tearful Mums (Shawn Johnson’s when she won the gold on the balanace beam and Jonathan Horton’s just a short while later when he scored his silver for the high bar.
  • Why I’m Proud to Be an American: Henry Cejudo’s tearful yet joyful gold medal victory lap in wrestling — Henry’s story is probably my favorite of the whole games.
  • The Olympics as Melting Pot: My next favorite storyline involved our two favorite American female gymnasts. I loved that Nastia Liukin won all her medals 20 years after Dad Valeri won his and after he moved the family from Russia to Plano, Texas, and opened a gymnastics. Then there was Iowa’s golden girl Shawn and her Chinese coach, Liang Chow.
  • You Gold, Girls: Oh, Misty and Kerri, whatever will you do for an encore (see above)? And you gotta love that women’s soccer team! And how about that women’s rowing team? Oh, and then there were Natalie, Rebecca, Dara, Nastia, Shawn, and those basketball girls.
  • Water World: I miss swimming! You couldn’t beat those men’s relays for heat-stopping excitement. And I’m fascinated by Michael Phelps’s gazillion-calorie training regimen.
  • My Favorite Obscure Sport: Uh, sleeping???

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Oh, the Olympics!

I just finished screaming my lungs out over that final relay at ye aulde Water Cube! Michael Phelps lands his eighth gold medal and that Jason Lezak does it again. That was hot on the heels — er, fins — of the women’s 400 medley. Gotta love those Silver Girls, especially Dara Torres. She GOES, girl!

What a week it has been already. I’m going to miss swimming. Track and field just doesn’t do it for me, and I know there is more gymnastics, but really …

Unlike the Winter Olympics, which has my favorite obscure sport — curling — I just haven’t quite landed on a summer equivalent. Badminton? Rowing? Equestrian? Trampolining (I’m sorry, I just have to draw a line with that one)? Volleyball is quite fun (and those men’s teams — yowza!), as is soccer. Water polo? Well, today’s big upset in water polo caught my attention and had me cheering (and I can’t believe how those guys spring up Neptune-like out of the water). I’ll find something.

At any rate, I love having breakfast with the Olympics and falling asleep to softball or whatever is on MSNBC late night. I could happily do ‘Lympics 24/7! Thank God for the DVR!

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