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Cutest Campaign Coverage

Fifth-grader Damon Weaver interviews Joe Biden in Palm Beach! This just has to take the cake for one of the best clips from this entire campaign. Must see!

I Voted Today!

Today I cast my vote in here in Austin at the Ben Hur Shriner Center. As I walked up, I kept thinking about this touching account of early voting in Evansville, Indiana, sure that scenes like that are playing out  all over the country right now.

It was busy but not packed, and everyone seemed happy to be there. Instead of voting for the straight Democratic ticket, I went through each race and made my selections. First up was the vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Seeing that historic ticket gave me goosebumps and, dang it, I got a bit teary. I took great pleasure in selecting Barry and Joe and then Rick Noriega and Larry Joe Doherty. And I hope I got my vote right on Proposition 2; that’s one of those backwards votes! At the end, I reviewed my ballot, delighted to see that there they were again, Barack Obama and Joe Biden, right at the top. It was all I could do not to start dancing and singing “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” at the top of my lungs. Instead, I opted for propriety and indulged in a couple more of moments to stare at their names to let it all soak in before proudly casting my vote.

What a year it’s been! I got to vote for Hillary in the primary and now Barack in THE election!

Regardless of your party preferences, get out and vote early — you’ll be glad you did!

Change Is in the Air!

Andrew Sullivan linked to this slideshow from the Richmond Times-Dispatch on his blog, saying, ” Those who cannot see what is now happening in this country will see it soon enough.”

Amen, brother! I’m so psyched!!!!

Meet Dr. Greg Jackson

One of my favorite clients is Dr. Greg Jackson, a San Antonion family-practice physician who’s writing a book on how patients can be more active in preventive health care (disclaimer:  I’m serving as his ghost writer!). We just started “Live Better Longer,” a new blog where we’ll be posting short pieces from the book and useful tips we all can use when considering our health options. First up are pieces on saving money on certain procedures, Dr. Greg’s Check-up Checklist, and his take on how doctors should think. Check it out!

Separated at Birth?

Every time I see McCain spokeschick Nancy Pfotenhauer, I can’t help but think of Lady Penelope from The Thunderbirds!

No, Cubs, NOOOOOOOOO! #3

Three games and out.

No, Cubs, NO! #2

Dodgers 10, Cubs 3. I really, really want to use some very bad words. But I’ll refrain and hope for the best on Saturday night. One game at a time…

The Spiritual Perspective on Politics

Whenever I get too rattled by all of the ups and downs of this wacky election, I’ve found some solace in what some of our spiritual sages have to say about it. Here are a few of my latest finds:

Enjoy and BREATHE!

No, Cubs, NO!

That’s not the way to open the NLDS in what could be the 100th-year anniversary storyline! My Cubs just lost to the Dodgers. Oh, well, the Red Sox are up next, and the Cubs have another game at Wrigley tomorrow.

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