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What the…? “So WHAT”?!?!

The Bush-Cheney media tour has me absolutely baffled. First, there’s the creepy and sad shoe-ducking incident, then W goes on TV and blithely answers “So what?” when asked about Al Qaeda moving into Iraq. Darth Cheney then basically and just as blithely admits to war crimes in yet another interview. Keith Olbermann hit it on the head: “See, here’s the thing. The president is just full of crap.”‘

Bookshelf Update

devilsbroodcovhe-forgot-coverCheck out my takes on Devil’s Brood, by Sharon Kay Penman, and He Forgot to Say Goodbye, by Benjamin Alire Sáenz on my Bookshelf page.

The Writing Gene

sofia-fall-2008It’s official: There’s a writing gene in my family, most recently evidenced in my nine-year-old niece, Sofia (left, decked out in finery from La Tavola, the family restaurant in Burlington, Iowa). Sof’s been writing for years, and I’d heard reports that she just can’t stop. My sister/her mother told me Sof will come home from school, announcing, “I have to get on the computer right now — I’ve got a story!”

So I emailed Sofia and asked her to send me something. Boy, did she send it:

“i did write this on book called the pastry battle to is about a girl named emily stood up to this on girl that said she was better a baking pastry then anyone in the world . and emily said she was way better then holly and then they said that on one day they will have a battle against each other . then emily went home and turned to a dumb old easy bake oven with a cold blue lightbulb . and emily’s mom taught her how to bake but she still was not good at it so on they day of the battle emily’s pastry was burt and holly’s hade egg shells in her pastry so they both lost the battle and they we friends.”

I’d say she’s got the one-graph pitch DOWN, spelling and punctuation not so much. Now, if I can just get her to send me a story she calls “Hulu Baby”!

Neutral Field, My Assets

Finally! Austin has a chill in the air and it feels like December! Had a great time with my brother, Gary, and his family, his wonderful Deb and those wild and crazy boys, Spencer and Tanner over the holiday. They made the loooong drive down from Overland Park on Thursday. The boys got to watch Texas demolish Texas A&M, while Gary, Deb, and I hung out at Scholz Garden, viewing multiple smallish screens in the beer garden. With comfortable temperature and overcast skies, it was a perfect night to hang out there, especially if you were a Longhorn fan. Let’s just say the boys were QUITE happy.

But I got my football fix on Friday and Saturday. My Huskers are bowl bound at 8-4 with that wild win over those pesky Buffs. Who KNEW?!?! Then KU took it to Missouri in the best game of the weekend. Rock chalk, Todd Reesing and Darrell Stuckey, Big 12 Players of the Week! Go here to vote for Kansas (Reesing’s pass to Meier with 27 seconds to go) in the Pontiac Game-Changing Performance!

Now, about all that whining going on down here about Texas being No. 3. WAAAAAHHHH! Shut it! There’s still a great chance Texas could end up in the championship game, but with the moaning and whinging (love that Brit word!), you’d think the season was over. Can you hear this, folks? The world’s smallest violin. Give me a break about 45-35 on a NEUTRAL field. Dallas is about as neutral as, oh, say, TULSA might be for the Red River Shootout. So enough of the bellyaching. Tough it out. Missouri just might be due.

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