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My Favorite Book Review of All Time

After reading more than my share of book reviews, I’ve rather given up on them. Then I stumbled on the best book review of all time: It’s our friend Helen reviewing Ann Coulter’s latest tree killer so her longtime pal Margaret won’t have to read the dang thing. You gotta love a reviewer who starts out buying a used copy of a book!

This excerpt from the post “Ann Coulter Is Just Not That Into Anyone” just slays me:

“This chapter is titled ‘When 95 Percent of World Domination Just Isn’t Enough…”’ which seems to have nothing to do with anything contained in the chapter.  It should have been titled ‘95% of Ann Coulter  is pure bullshit… and the other 5% is pure bullshit.’ It occurs to me that reading a Coulter book is like drinking the water in Mexico – eventually you find yourself wondering if the shit will ever stop.”

Then: “I can’t wait to move on to something more enjoyable than Ann Coulter – like irritable bowel syndrome.”

Hall of fame review, that alone! The fun starts here with Chapter 1.

Heck, Margaret and Helen have the most entertaining blog anywhere, especially when they blast off on Sarah Palin.

You GO, girls!!!

Today’s Bizarre Newsbits

1. Renegade billionaire Allen “Bernie Jr.” Stanford seems to have taken a cue from Carmen San Diego and vanished.

2. Wacko Michele Bachman is against the stimulus because we’re “running out of rich people”?!”! WTF? (Come ON, Minnesota, get the Al Franken thing right and then ditch her!)

3. Pretend journalist Ann Curry asked Bill Clinton if he was the 13th person responsible for the economic meltdown. Guess she has that peculiar amnesia about the last eight years (surely there were more than 12 people involved from 2001 to 2008!).

4. Finally, American Idol is really stinking it up tonight. What’s in that backstage Evian?! I‘m tweeting all about it. But I love that Danny Gokey! Just put him in the top four NOW!

The Facebook Faceoff

So where have I been lately? Well, FACEBOOK! I’m now obsessed with that social networking tool. Sucked right in. It’s got to be the crack of the Internet — how is it that something so simple can just take over?! The first week I was on, I noticed a protacted low-level anxiety when my friends list stopped at around 95. I really wanted to top 100 that first week. I made it to 102, and I’m now at 118 friends.

But now that I think about it, what’s up with THAT?! How can topping 100 friends on Facebook be a goal? Some achievement when I could be blogging about the state of the economy (short version: “It’s now the G.NO.P.”) or catching up on my Bookshelf entries, not to mention my Fab Firsts.

So in my Week 2 of Facebook, I’m making a resolution: I, Cyndle, will limit my Facebooking (is that the correct verb?) to once a day. Now, let me go check before I turn in for the evening to see if John Bates added anything to our wall about composting!

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