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SXSW: The View From the Periphery

Between work and the toe issue, I haven’t taken in any SXSW yet. But yesterday morning, I had my first SXSW discovery without even leaving home! Bob Schneider on KGSR’s SXSW broadcast from the Four Seasons performing a spectacular version of “Changing Your Mind.” LOVE it!!! The YouTube version isn’t as stellar, but it’s still a great song. Maybe I’ll have to hobble over to Auditorium Shores to catch him, although he might be up against those other Jayhawks Gary Louris/Mark Olson followed by Alejandro Escovedo at SXSan Jose, which is my Friday plan.

Any other good SXSW tips out there???

A Not-So-Fabulous First: Le Broken Toe!

Here’s a first that I wasn’t exactly planning on: I BROKE the big toe on my left foot. How I wish I had a really great story about ninjas, superpowers, or even a runway mishap. But no — I tripped on a rug in my own house! It did happen toward the end of the KU-Texas game, so maybe I can say I was jumping up and down, celebrating KU’s winning the Big 12 regular season championship. Although by the end of the game, I was icing down the foot and banged-up knee.

Fortunately, my toe was the only casualty; my left knee and wrist are just bruised. The fractured toe is a lovely shade of dirty yellowish-purple, and I’m committed to the ever-so-stylish velcro boot for about six weeks. (Just TRY to find another shoe to work with THAT!) On the bright side, I have a specially abled parking tag — so handy last week on that rainy day of errands! — and I’m burning through my 2009 deductible!

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