Adios to Richard From Texas

My friend Richard Vogt, better to know to the world — and fans of Eat, Pray, Love — as Richard From Texas, passed away last week. It’s odd to think that he’s not here, but I know he’s probably loving this next big adventure. As if Oprah wasn’t enough! Here he is with EPL author Elizabeth Gilbert on Oprah in 2006.

I’ll write more on Richard later. Meanwhile, adios, my friend.

1 Response to “Adios to Richard From Texas”

  1. 1 Lynn Kindler March 8, 2010 at 5:07 pm

    You know, when I learned of Richard’s passing (we’ve known each other for many years through “mutual friends”) it was hard not to have a big ole smile cross my face because his passing was so perfectly “Richard” and don’t you know that he is having an incredible time on the other side? Just hard to mourn a good death (as the Klingon’s would say).

    He lived life fully as Richard and died fully as Richard. I remember being in rooms with him (before he became so well known) when sometimes the most eloquent thoughts would fall off of his tongue and other times he’d speak the real, cold, hard truth and piss many off in the room but it was good to hear the realness even so.

    I just learned that Jihan (Nelin Hudani) is pulling together a Memorial service for Richard at Mercury Hall tonight, Monday, March 8 at 5pm. That’s all I know.

    Much love to all, lk

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