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Fab Veggie Wraps

This weekend, my Heritage Awareness girlfriends (Austin edition) convened at Judy’s house, and I made my current favorite lunch: veggie wraps. Here’s my recipe:

Wrap breadĀ  (I like Flatout Flatbread)
Mustard (I use sweet/hot mustard)
Hummus (today’s choice is a red pepper hummus)
1 to 2 T. chopped pepperoncini
1/4 c. sweet/hot pickles
1 to 2 T. grated carrots
Handful of washed arugula leaves

Spread a thin layer of sweet/hot mustard on the wrap, followed by a thin layer of hummus. If the layer is too thick, the hummus will squeeze out when you roll the wrap. Then add a sprinkling of chopped pepperoncini, a few spicy/sweet pickles, grated carrot, and arugula. Roll it up and cut it in half, and there you have it.

Options: You can create whatever type of hummus, mustard, and veggie combos you like. I sometimes add sliced avocado, chopped sundried tomatoes, chopped olives or an olive tapenade, grated cheese, other types of greens, cucumbers, a sprinkling of red wine or balsamic vinegar, etc. But my foundation is always the hummus and theĀ  hot/sweet combo of those pickles and mustard!

If you’re entertaining, you could cut these into pinwheels for appetizers. Easy peasy!


Announcing Alleyway C

It’s official! There’s yet another writer in the family, my niece Cait Gordon, who just launched her fabulous Alleyway C blog. I’m so proud of her, I just can’t stand it!


Cruisin’ With Carol!

Highlights from Cruisin’ with Carol in January!

“Official” cruise photo with Carol aboard the Carnival Glory

Flower girls!

Carol goes for the guac in Cozumel!

The view from my beach chair in Isla Roatan

The view from my beach chair in Cozumel

The view from my beach chair in Costa Maya

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