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The ComPOOst Experiment

As the Girl to two charming dogs and one particular cat, I deal with what metaphysicians cheerfully refer to as “elimination” on a daily basis. Consuelo and Violet are Cavalier King Charles spaniels — small dogs with a big name and, thankfully, their daily deposits are small although quite regular (the little poopers are pictured, V on the left, C on the right). And after glorious years of being the perfect indoor/outdoor cat, Miss Edina has reverted to the litterbox. As much as I don’t like that, it was either that or constant surprises on my bathroom rugs.

With all of the poo-filled plastic bags going into my trash can then straight to the landfill, I’ve been wondering if there’s a more environmentally correct way to deal with these elimination issues. But with conventional composting wisdom warning against dog and cat contributions to compost heaps, I wasn’t sure what to do.

I ran this quadary by my good friend Renee Studebaker, who “cultivates” the superb Renee’s Roots gardening (and more) blog. Renee has a fabulous organic garden and is something of a composting queen. She suggested digging a poo hole and then adding dog/cat waste and layering it with dirt and leaves like a regular compost pile. Just let it sit, on its own, away from the other compost pile, and it will eventually become its own compost, she said.

Renee’s suggestion made perfect sense to me. So I asked her if she’d take me on as her comPOOst experiment. We’ll do the hole in my yard and see what decomposes!

So stay tuned for more scoop on the poop!

Literary Amuse-Bouche

My favorite literary tidbits of the day:

  • Virginia Woolf spent seven years on her first novel, The Voyage Out: “By 1912, she had written five drafts of the novel, including two different versions that she worked on simultaneously. Between December 1912 and March 1913, she rewrote the entire novel one more time, almost from scratch, typing 600 pages in two months.” Courtesy of Garrison Keillor’s wonderful Writer’s Almanac.
  • Agatha Christie helped her husband excavate the Nimrud ivories in Iraq — and even cleaned them with her face cream!
  • And finally, let’s finish it off with this masterpiece from The Onion:

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