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Consuelo the Media Princess

Well, Consuelo has made her first appearance at Austin Dog and Cat, with her boy friend Prince! Read all about our Saturday adventure — but please disregard her Girl’s casual attire.

Plus, AD&C, which is the brainchild of my friend Debi Martin (above),  is worth checking out, all of you dog/cat lovers!

La Liz

I can’t quite wrap my mind around the fact that Liz Carpenter has gone on to that great big press room in the sky. She was such a generous soul, who genuinely cared about all kinds of people all over the world. And let’s talk about the best sense of humor of all time.

Her support of Texas writers — no matter whether they were beginners or established — has left a huge legacy. I’m sure I’ll have more on this later, but for now, I’m wondering this: When Liz met St. Peter at the Pearly Gates, I can just hear her lecturing him, “Start with a laugh, Petey!”

Thank you, Liz, for being YOU!

Adios to Richard From Texas, Part 2

Here’s my full tribute to my friend Richard Vogt (a.k.a. Richard From Texas) that appeared at

Adios to Richard From Texas

My friend Richard Vogt, better to know to the world — and fans of Eat, Pray, Love — as Richard From Texas, passed away last week. It’s odd to think that he’s not here, but I know he’s probably loving this next big adventure. As if Oprah wasn’t enough! Here he is with EPL author Elizabeth Gilbert on Oprah in 2006.

I’ll write more on Richard later. Meanwhile, adios, my friend.

High School Flashback, Courtesy of ZZ & Pink

Proust had his madeleines; for me, it’s music. Driving in to work this morning, I had a high school flashback triggered by ZZ Top’s “La Grange“: dragging Main in Colby, Kansas, in our infamous Green Sleaze (1970 Malibu Chevelle) with the eight-track blasting out Tres Hombres. Then I flipped over to KLBJ and caught Pink Floyd’s “Breathe,” which took me right back to 1974 (give me those big old headphones).

How I love the randomness of radio!

Life After Ike

While it’s flooding in Wichita, Ike devastates the Texas coast. It was really strange watching it all on TV — while all hell is breaking loose not all that far away, we had sunny skies and a brief shower late Saturday. But that was it. Then today, when I approached the freeway, the big digital sign warned travelers to avoid traveling to Houston and Galveston. Eerie.

My friend Marianne stayed on the Island as part of her duty at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. I haven’t yet talked with her, when I tried her cell phone Saturday afternoon, she answered, but then we lost the signal. Friends in Houston report little damage, although they’re all dealing with power outages and the unreliability of getting gas. Friends Judy and Chris have a neighbor’s huge pecan in the back yard and a huge limb almost took out one window, but other than that — and the Houston swelter — they’re fine, thank goodness.

This is going to be one loooong recovery.

#11: My First Set of China

My new dishes

This one was totally unexpected! My six girlfriends from my Statesman days (collectively known as Heritage Awareness) surprised me this weekend at our annual Wimberley getaway with this spectacular set of Edwin M. Knowles china (dated 1946!) as my birthday present! More to follow…

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