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Happy Holidays 2010!

Angels Violet & Consuelo


Bark! The Hair-ald Angels Sing!

Les Cavalieristas with Their Girl, Dec 2010

Wishing you and yours a merry Christmas and a wondrous new year!

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Bark! The Hair-ald Angels Sing

Happy Holly Daze to one and all!

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Greetings, Y’all!


What a roller-coaster ride 2008 was! First off, I turned 50 in January and started writing about it right here at my blog. Continue reading ‘Greetings, Y’all!’

On Valentine’s Day

On this Valentine’s Day, two songs come to mind: Steve Earle’s lovely “Valentine’s Day.” Then, of course, being a Todd girl, I have to add “Love Is the Answer” by Todd R (video is dorky but the song sublime). Then we go to two poems by the 14th-century mystic poet Kabir.

Hang up the swing of love today!

Hang the body and the mind between the arms of the beloved, in the ecstasy of love’s joy.

Bring the tearful streams of the rainy clouds to your eyes, and cover your heart with the shadow of darkness.

Bring your face nearer to his ear, and speak of the deepest longings of your heart.

Kabir says: “Listen to me brother! Bring the vision of the Beloved in your heart.”


My lover came in my dreams,

In sleep we embraced each other with joy,

I would not dare to open my eyes,

I would not like to lose this beautiful dream.

The songs he sang, the words he said,

Are embedded in my heart forever,

I am afraid to drink anything,

The messages may get washed away.

When my lover enters my eyes,

I will embrace him with my eyelids closed,

Neither shall I see anyone,

nor he would see anyone else.

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