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A Firsts Roundup

Time to get back on the “firsts” bandwagon and catch up on the Fab Firsts I haven’t written about yet.

2008: Author Programming for the Texas Library Association
I had the pleasure of putting together an author programming track for the TLA conference, including a “Memoir-able Evening with the Authors,” with Sarah Bird, Janine Latus, Stephanie Klein, and Tomie di Paola! The daytime programs include Dixie Cash, Will Clarke, Tony Earley, Brunonia Barry, and more!

July 19, 2008: Todd R’s Preview of His New Album
Todd Rundgren is my favorite artist of all time, and my bff Janis and I were part of the très intime show at Antone’s in which he debuted his new album, Arena, playing it from start to finish. Totally rocked OUT! What I heard in Antone’s is even more rocked out than the album. TR sometimes gets a bit electronic for my tastes; I’ve always really dug his heavier stuff. Plus, he’s always been one of the most underrated (or perhaps simply “overlooked”) guitarists ever. And I was quite pleased to see that his guitar looked a LOT like mine!

Jan. 1, 2009: Bo Pelini’s first bowl game win as Nebraska’s head coach!
Heck, while I’m at, I could add a first for Nebraska AND Kansas both winning their bowl games!

Greetings, Y’all!


What a roller-coaster ride 2008 was! First off, I turned 50 in January and started writing about it right here at my blog. Continue reading ‘Greetings, Y’all!’

#16: My First Look at Bo’s Huskers

So maybe this isn’t yet fabulous, but it will be: I have high hopes for the Bo Pelini regime at the University of Nebraska, and I finally got to see the new team.

I’m a lifelong Huskers fan. I have Big-Red blood in my veins — I was born in Lincoln and spent my formative years in Nebraska, growing up listening to Husker football on the radio (good old KRVN-AM in Lexington, Nebraska!), starting back with Bob Devaney and celebrating the back-to-back championships in 1971 and 1972 and then that long drought until Tom Osborne landed his well-deserved three titles. Come to think of it, every fall Saturday since I was about ten has been spent keeping tabs on college football, so football season is like a comfy old safety blanket for me — it’s always there!

Anyway, last night I tuned in my first Husker game under Coach Bo Pelini. I was SO excited when Bo returned; he – and the program — had been done a huge wrong when Bill Callahan came on board. I love that guy; Bo KNOWS football! So the excitement is back in Huskerland. And the boys came oh-so close to toppling Virginia Tech last night, but alas, they fell, 35-30. The defense isn’t quite where it will be, but they gave it a good go. I like Bo’s notion of holding back the Blackshirts until the defense lives up to the Blackshirts name, and I think that’s coming in a couple of weeks.

My prediction: Huskers will finish 9-4 or 10-3, and boy, they’ll be fun to watch throughout the season.


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