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March Madness: If Only…

Oh, how I wish this had come true:

CBS Considered Paying ESPN to Take Tourney

An extraordinary idea was broached last fall when CBS was trying to shave the huge losses it anticipated over the remaining years of its contract to televise the N.C.A.A. men’s basketball tournament.

CBS talked with ESPN about paying it to take the 2010 to 2013 tournaments off its hands, according to four executives with direct knowledge of the talks who were not authorized or willing to speak publicly.

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Wouldn’t it have been great?! I’ve been annoyed with the way CBS manipulates the first two rounds ever since it took over way back when. Instead of staggering games so you could see as many as possible, CBS forces them into certain time slots and, of course, protects that precious 4 to 6:30 p.m. time slot for syndicated drek. In fact, in the first year or two, Kansas was near the end of a tight game, and what did CBS do? It cut away to show the UNLV players deboarding a plane and getting on a friggin’ bus! At the time UNLV was No. 1, but come ON! That prompted me to write to everyone I could think of CBS to whine — and at the time, it was actual letters and stamps, not firing off an email!

So I’ll continue to dream of March Madness returning to ESPN!

Sammy SoWHAT?

Big surprise, that Sammy Sosa juiced up. Geez, who KNEW?!?! But has anyone noticed that it’s now 2009? So why are we just NOW getting results from 2006. What the dilley-o?

No, Cubs, NO!

That’s not the way to open the NLDS in what could be the 100th-year anniversary storyline! My Cubs just lost to the Dodgers. Oh, well, the Red Sox are up next, and the Cubs have another game at Wrigley tomorrow.

Foreign Affairs, Perhaps?

Okay, join in on the fun on this one! The Houston Chronicle‘s “Texas on the Potomac” blog wants YOU to come up with a caption for this photo of someone else’s president in action with beach volleyball’s Golden Girls Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh.

You just can’t make this stuff up, kids!

My Olympics Wrapup

Now that my sleep cycles are all askew, it’s time to post my Olympics highlights:

  • Best Tearjerker Moments: It’s a tossup between the Tearful Mums (Shawn Johnson’s when she won the gold on the balanace beam and Jonathan Horton’s just a short while later when he scored his silver for the high bar.
  • Why I’m Proud to Be an American: Henry Cejudo’s tearful yet joyful gold medal victory lap in wrestling — Henry’s story is probably my favorite of the whole games.
  • The Olympics as Melting Pot: My next favorite storyline involved our two favorite American female gymnasts. I loved that Nastia Liukin won all her medals 20 years after Dad Valeri won his and after he moved the family from Russia to Plano, Texas, and opened a gymnastics. Then there was Iowa’s golden girl Shawn and her Chinese coach, Liang Chow.
  • You Gold, Girls: Oh, Misty and Kerri, whatever will you do for an encore (see above)? And you gotta love that women’s soccer team! And how about that women’s rowing team? Oh, and then there were Natalie, Rebecca, Dara, Nastia, Shawn, and those basketball girls.
  • Water World: I miss swimming! You couldn’t beat those men’s relays for heat-stopping excitement. And I’m fascinated by Michael Phelps’s gazillion-calorie training regimen.
  • My Favorite Obscure Sport: Uh, sleeping???

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Oh, the Olympics!

I just finished screaming my lungs out over that final relay at ye aulde Water Cube! Michael Phelps lands his eighth gold medal and that Jason Lezak does it again. That was hot on the heels — er, fins — of the women’s 400 medley. Gotta love those Silver Girls, especially Dara Torres. She GOES, girl!

What a week it has been already. I’m going to miss swimming. Track and field just doesn’t do it for me, and I know there is more gymnastics, but really …

Unlike the Winter Olympics, which has my favorite obscure sport — curling — I just haven’t quite landed on a summer equivalent. Badminton? Rowing? Equestrian? Trampolining (I’m sorry, I just have to draw a line with that one)? Volleyball is quite fun (and those men’s teams — yowza!), as is soccer. Water polo? Well, today’s big upset in water polo caught my attention and had me cheering (and I can’t believe how those guys spring up Neptune-like out of the water). I’ll find something.

At any rate, I love having breakfast with the Olympics and falling asleep to softball or whatever is on MSNBC late night. I could happily do ‘Lympics 24/7! Thank God for the DVR!

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