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My Favorite Book Review of All Time

After reading more than my share of book reviews, I’ve rather given up on them. Then I stumbled on the best book review of all time: It’s our friend Helen reviewing Ann Coulter’s latest tree killer so her longtime pal Margaret won’t have to read the dang thing. You gotta love a reviewer who starts out buying a used copy of a book!

This excerpt from the post “Ann Coulter Is Just Not That Into Anyone” just slays me:

“This chapter is titled ‘When 95 Percent of World Domination Just Isn’t Enough…”’ which seems to have nothing to do with anything contained in the chapter.  It should have been titled ‘95% of Ann Coulter  is pure bullshit… and the other 5% is pure bullshit.’ It occurs to me that reading a Coulter book is like drinking the water in Mexico – eventually you find yourself wondering if the shit will ever stop.”

Then: “I can’t wait to move on to something more enjoyable than Ann Coulter – like irritable bowel syndrome.”

Hall of fame review, that alone! The fun starts here with Chapter 1.

Heck, Margaret and Helen have the most entertaining blog anywhere, especially when they blast off on Sarah Palin.

You GO, girls!!!

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