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Sammy SoWHAT?

Big surprise, that Sammy Sosa juiced up. Geez, who KNEW?!?! But has anyone noticed that it’s now 2009? So why are we just NOW getting results from 2006. What the dilley-o?


No, Cubs, NOOOOOOOOO! #3

Three games and out.

No, Cubs, NO!

That’s not the way to open the NLDS in what could be the 100th-year anniversary storyline! My Cubs just lost to the Dodgers. Oh, well, the Red Sox are up next, and the Cubs have another game at Wrigley tomorrow.

#7: Opening Day at Wrigley Field

The big day arrived at last! That morning, the new statue of Ernie Banks was dedicated; we’d watched some of that on WGN before heading out. Of course it was still drizzling as we left the hotel and the forecast called for thunderstorms, so we stopped at Walgreen’s to pick up oh-so-fashionable cheapo rain ponchos before catching the bus to Wrigley. But a little rain wasn’t going to keep us away!

Nor did it damped the spirits of the other happy Cubs fans at Wrigley, waiting to take on those Milwaukee Brewers. We started with our traditional short pilgrimage to the Cubs Grotto at the house on Addison just west of the stadium. Then we went to the Cubs store across from Wrigley, where Cathy, Carol, and I bought floppy hats to help keep the rain at bay. Then it was time to go stand in line for entry to the bleachers, where we had right-field seats. More to follow!


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