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Countdown to Dan Brown’s Next Bazillion

Lost symbol jacket

I know I promised I’d write about Texas books and authors, but this is just too big to ignore. In case your All-Seeing Masonic Eye has been on the fritz, Dan Brown’s long-awaited follow-up to The Da Vinci Code drops just after midnight on September 15.

In The Lost Symbol, symbologist Robert Langdon is back in another frenetic hunt, this time racing through our nation’s capital! Chasing after Freemasons and big tattoed eunuchs! Solving some Mensa-type puzzles! Looking at some symbolic art and architecture! And and who knows what all else, all in the space of 12 hours!!! Whew, that wears me out, just reading about all of that in the preliminary reviews. Maybe Langdon’s angling to replace Jack Bauer? After all “12” would be perfect for people with A.D.D.

If you simply have to know more, here’s the review from the New York Times review — which, by the way, broke the Random House-imposed embargo on the book by publishing the review on Monday. Take THAT, Matt Lauer — scooped by a newspaper! Ha ha ha!

Or go stand in line at your favorite bookstore on Tuesday. And let me know if anyone shows up dressed like their favorite Dan Brown character — Mary Magdelene or albino monks, anyone? Maybe I’ll run over to BookPeople at midnight to see what’s happening there. Then again, maybe I’d rather just call it a night and get some All-Seeing Shuteye. After all, I’ll be reading all about it later this week.

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