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Girlfriend Weekend Outtakes

Authors Deeanne Gist & Hester Bass

I’ve been writing about the 10th annual Pulpwood Queens Girlfriend Weekend Author Extravaganza in Jefferson on January 15-16, hosted by literary maven Kathy Patrick of Beauty and the Book.

Pat Conroy summed up the entire weekend beautifully: “There’s something alive in this room, something that shows that literature means something. This is out of the soil they don’t’ know about on Manhattan Island. We celebrate this every time we open a book or see a tiara

I also want to give a shout out to the Eureka, Kansas, Pulpwood Queens (Heidi, Erica, Pam, and the adorable girls!) for adopting me for the weekend. Heidi (see below) is Kathy Patrick’s BFF from way back. We Kansas girls stick together!

Here are some of my favorite takeaways from the weekend (and as you can tell from the session names, Kat was riffing on a Wizard of Oz theme!):


I arrived just in time on Friday to catch the end of a panel with Jill S. Alexander, Hester Bass (The Secret World of Walter Anderson), and Heather Hepler (The Cupcake Queen).  Jill’s debut novel, The Sweetheart of Prosper County, Continue reading ‘Girlfriend Weekend Outtakes’

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