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The Facebook Faceoff

So where have I been lately? Well, FACEBOOK! I’m now obsessed with that social networking tool. Sucked right in. It’s got to be the crack of the Internet — how is it that something so simple can just take over?! The first week I was on, I noticed a protacted low-level anxiety when my friends list stopped at around 95. I really wanted to top 100 that first week. I made it to 102, and I’m now at 118 friends.

But now that I think about it, what’s up with THAT?! How can topping 100 friends on Facebook be a goal? Some achievement when I could be blogging about the state of the economy (short version: “It’s now the G.NO.P.”) or catching up on my Bookshelf entries, not to mention my Fab Firsts.

So in my Week 2 of Facebook, I’m making a resolution: I, Cyndle, will limit my Facebooking (is that the correct verb?) to once a day. Now, let me go check before I turn in for the evening to see if John Bates added anything to our wall about composting!

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