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Life After Ike

While it’s flooding in Wichita, Ike devastates the Texas coast. It was really strange watching it all on TV — while all hell is breaking loose not all that far away, we had sunny skies and a brief shower late Saturday. But that was it. Then today, when I approached the freeway, the big digital sign warned travelers to avoid traveling to Houston and Galveston. Eerie.

My friend Marianne stayed on the Island as part of her duty at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. I haven’t yet talked with her, when I tried her cell phone Saturday afternoon, she answered, but then we lost the signal. Friends in Houston report little damage, although they’re all dealing with power outages and the unreliability of getting gas. Friends Judy and Chris have a neighbor’s huge pecan in the back yard and a huge limb almost took out one window, but other than that — and the Houston swelter — they’re fine, thank goodness.

This is going to be one loooong recovery.

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