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James Patterson and the New Math

James PattersonPublishers Weekly noted that James Patterson just inked a deal with Hachette to produce 17 — yes, that’s SEVENTEEN — books by the end of 2012. That would be 11 adult titles and six young adult titles in three years. Let’s see, if we start from today, that would be a total of 40 months, which means that each book would take approximately 2.36 months. Now, that’s what we call cranking them out.

Makes those authors who take two or three years to write one book look downright unproductive.

Is James Patterson the superhero of the literary world or just really good at  literary math? No, he uses the TEAM Patterson approach, also known as the “James Patterson Business Model”!

Hey, if it works for Thomas Kinkade, why not try it in books? I’d say Patterson is one smart cookie! He knows his brand. After all, how many authors are the subject of a Harvard marketing class?

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