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The Mighty WIDE Mississippi

My sister Cathy has been sending pix of the rising Mississippi as it takes over Burlington, Iowa. Her building and the family’s restaurant, La Tavola, are uphill by about two blocks from where all of this is happening. Apparently, the gas has been turned off in much of downtwon, but Cheryl and Carlo have switched to a “cold” menu with whatever they can do without the gas stove!

The river is supposed to crest on Thursday, but it has already burst through the levees on the other side of the bridge and flooded out Gulfport, Illinois. As weird as it all is, Cheryl says that the most eerie thing is not hearing the trains barrel through town.

Anyway, here are some links to Cathy’s pics:

Tuesday, June 17
Monday, June 16
Sunday, June 15

Look for the random shark fin; as dire as things are, someone in Burlington does have a sense of humor! So much of what is under water is where Cathy usually walks her dogs.

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