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#16: My First Look at Bo’s Huskers

So maybe this isn’t yet fabulous, but it will be: I have high hopes for the Bo Pelini regime at the University of Nebraska, and I finally got to see the new team.

I’m a lifelong Huskers fan. I have Big-Red blood in my veins — I was born in Lincoln and spent my formative years in Nebraska, growing up listening to Husker football on the radio (good old KRVN-AM in Lexington, Nebraska!), starting back with Bob Devaney and celebrating the back-to-back championships in 1971 and 1972 and then that long drought until Tom Osborne landed his well-deserved three titles. Come to think of it, every fall Saturday since I was about ten has been spent keeping tabs on college football, so football season is like a comfy old safety blanket for me — it’s always there!

Anyway, last night I tuned in my first Husker game under Coach Bo Pelini. I was SO excited when Bo returned; he – and the program — had been done a huge wrong when Bill Callahan came on board. I love that guy; Bo KNOWS football! So the excitement is back in Huskerland. And the boys came oh-so close to toppling Virginia Tech last night, but alas, they fell, 35-30. The defense isn’t quite where it will be, but they gave it a good go. I like Bo’s notion of holding back the Blackshirts until the defense lives up to the Blackshirts name, and I think that’s coming in a couple of weeks.

My prediction: Huskers will finish 9-4 or 10-3, and boy, they’ll be fun to watch throughout the season.


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