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Oh, the Olympics!

I just finished screaming my lungs out over that final relay at ye aulde Water Cube! Michael Phelps lands his eighth gold medal and that Jason Lezak does it again. That was hot on the heels — er, fins — of the women’s 400 medley. Gotta love those Silver Girls, especially Dara Torres. She GOES, girl!

What a week it has been already. I’m going to miss swimming. Track and field just doesn’t do it for me, and I know there is more gymnastics, but really …

Unlike the Winter Olympics, which has my favorite obscure sport — curling — I just haven’t quite landed on a summer equivalent. Badminton? Rowing? Equestrian? Trampolining (I’m sorry, I just have to draw a line with that one)? Volleyball is quite fun (and those men’s teams — yowza!), as is soccer. Water polo? Well, today’s big upset in water polo caught my attention and had me cheering (and I can’t believe how those guys spring up Neptune-like out of the water). I’ll find something.

At any rate, I love having breakfast with the Olympics and falling asleep to softball or whatever is on MSNBC late night. I could happily do ‘Lympics 24/7! Thank God for the DVR!

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