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The Waiting Game Begins

Today is not only Election Day — it’s also Jump Outta Your Skin You’re So Nervous About the Election Day! After overdosing on MSNBC and CNN this morning, my pal Pam and I escaped by going over to the Steeping Room for al fresco dining. Ahhhhhh…. Austin in November: sunshine and a soft breeze, great food (especially the tea and the coconut cupcake!). We sat next to a really nice guy who had two sibling Weimaraners, who just stretched out and snoozed, rising only for a bite of food and in response to an annoying barking Shih Tzu whose owners LEFT IT OUTSIDE! Don’t get me wrong; I love Shih Tzus (Sammy and Rosy in particular); what I don’t love are owners who leave their dogs unsupervised.

Then we took a stroll through the Domain (Austin’s California-style mall!). In a fit of patriotic shopping pique, we visited that all-American shopping venue, COSTCO, to grab some bites for tonight’s viewing party.

So now here we are at 7:35 p.m., antsy and still not quite breathing. Took Patsy for a walk and then chopped veggies and vacuumed! Anything to keep busy.

Just think: In 24 hours, we’ll know. Barack ON!

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